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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Debt-Free LivingTM method different from all of the other debt elimination methods?

Debt-Free LivingTM has been referred to as "the snowball method on steroids" and has significantly improved the success rate and post-debt savings compared to any other plan.  We provide a free report which specifically shows you in exactly how many months you will be debt free and allows you, and any advisor, to compare our plan against any other methodology in existence. You will quickly see how we can prove our claim of being the best.

What if the only debt I have is my mortgage?

We routinely reduce the time to pay off mortgages, usually around 8 - 9 years verses paying off a typical mortgage over 30 years. The savings in interest payments is significant and given a choice as to whether to keep those savings for yourself, verses giving it to your lender, should be pretty clear. 

What is required to get my free report?

In order to produce an accurate report, we need accurate information about your current financial situation.  This would include what you are paying in monthly expenses, what you are contributing into your retirement plans, as well as detailed information about your debts.  To help, we provide two forms which makes that process easier.

What if my circumstances or objectives change over time? 

Life is constantly changing and a successful plan has to be able to be flexible when circumstances demand it.  That is why our plans are the most flexible and have the highest success rate.  Whether it's a job change, personal emergency, or any other circumstance that may require the plan to be flexible, we can do it.  

Why are some people hesitant about getting their free report?

The number one reason is that they are embarrassed about how much debt they have. We have seen it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We pride ourselves in helping you get out of debt, no matter how much debt you might have. We are a judgement free zone!   We respect your privacy and every report is considered personal and confidential and only available to you and with proper authorization, your attorney or other advisor(s).  

There is good debt (usually debt acquired for investment purposes), and there is bad debt. We show you what the largest banks and financial institutions use to manage their debt verses what those institutions want you to do (pay the scheduled payment each month).

Is this a scam?

We have actually been asked this question. No. The Debt-Free LivingTM method is not a scam. Admittedly, when we ask the question - "What if we can show you how to eliminate 100% of your debt, including your student loans and mortgages, without spending any more money than what you are currently spending?" it may sound too good to be true. But, instead of just a promise, we can prove it.

We have saved taxpayers over $222 million in interest payments over the last five years. Our method uses every safe harbor available in the tax code, has been used for generations to maximize wealth, and is 100% transparent. We can prove it works and welcome any question regarding the process and its overall success.